Workshops - Jason Stitt

Beginner Photography Course

I offer a one-day photography course for beginners on a fairly regular basis.  This course is designed to help you understand the basics of photography and get you off auto mode and shooting in the manual setting.  The four topics we will look at are...

1.  Exposure - Understanding how aperture, shutter  speed, and ISO work together to correctly expose your shots.

2.  Lighting - Understanding why light is important in photography and how to use it and manipulate it to accomplish what you want in your photos.

3.  Composition - Understanding how to compose your photos in such a way as to create more visually interesting and attention grabbing photos.

4.  Editing - Understanding the importance of editing, and the basic functions of the most popular photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

All attendees of the course will have access to a Facebook group page for 2 weeks following the course, where you can submit your photos for critique and ask me questions.

Courses Coming Up...

Saturday, October 12th in Austin, TX - $125

Private Workshops

For those who prefer one-on-one instruction I offer private workshops.  I take you through the same material as in the public workshop, but in a private setting.  This often allows us to go into much more detail with some of the topics, and also provides an environment where you can feel comfortable asking any, and as many questions as you like without feeling like you are disrupting a class environment. 

The cost for a private workshop is $500

Please contact me if you are interested in booking a private workshop.

Workshop Reviews

"I recommend the workshop to anyone who wants a good understanding of how to use manual mode on your camera. Jason is very patient and willing to answer all your camera questions and sends you home with very detailed notes so you are easily able to learn more in your own time." - April Lindsay

"The workshop was excellent. I'm much more confident on manual and I'm loving getting back into photography again." - Alexis Waterhouse

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